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The Relationship Between Architecture and Real Estate

People ask me why didn’t you use your degree in architectural design? And I respond and say I do, every day I use it. I got in real estate bc I love the day to day interaction I get from clients. There’s a beauty to real estate where you can allow to let the knowledge of the passions you have in life affect you work. I get to use this mindset of walking to a home and studying the style, the flunc aha, the aroma the use of space in each room. For instance, I remember showing some high rises in Las Vegas nv called Veer Towers and there’s this one high rise in particular where the use of space and even furniture can completely transform a room. My client choose this high rise because of the modern design of the building as well as the factor that this high rise is located in the heart of the strip. However, most of the units at this building are about 500 sq feet. They remind me of the size of an apartment in New York. When you walk into an empty unit at one of these high rises and you walk around the room, it feels small and almost impossible, at least in my mind that someone could easy live in one of these units. It’s almost the feeling of living in a hotel! But when I saw another unit filled with this Art Deco, modern, Andy Warhol decor and a Noguchi table it amazed me how functional it was. I quickly learned that with almost any space, you can change the feeling of a room by the layout of the furniture, the lighting (whether it be natural light of a unit facing a particular direction or being on a higher level or indoor light fixtures) the color of the walls, mirrors, etc.

The way I work everyday, I bring to the table the skills and mindset of a designer, an art enthusiast, a father’s daughter who would sit inside my fathers workshop when I was 5 years old and finger paint while my dad would cut wood and blast jazz music. I love working in real estate, I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Frank Gerhy once said “It’s not new that architecture can profoundly affect a place, sometimes transform it. Architecture and any art can transform a person, even save someone. ”

Frank Gehry

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