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Society: A Culture of Visual Thinking

Scott McCloud states in his book “Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art” that comics elevate our way of thinking. It narrates our way of thinking by combining skills that puts a picture into the reader’s mind. In design, we are also involved with visual thinking. Techniques and mechanics set the fundamentals for visual communication. The process…

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What is design?

When you think of design what do you think of? Most people think of design as a created form or object that is created. However, design is much more than something that is created. Design is everything and anything. It is both a noun and a verb. As a verb, design is used to create…

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Typographic Exploration in Hangul

The UC Davis “Typographic Exploration in Hangul” displayed Korea’s native script, Hangui in creative forms and design. Throughout the exhibit many of the 2-D designs were full of expression, form and emotion. Viewers get a sense of how nature plays an important role in the Korean society. Some of the icons seen in the exhibit…

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